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How to find Private Landlords that accept DSS Tenants

Follow our easy steps to help you find a property to rent in the UK.

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1 Calculate your income

Work out your total income including employment and benefit entitlement.

Income calculator

Are you in employment?

Yes, I'm employed.

Your income from employment (before tax)?
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Your income from benefits?
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Your total annual income is:
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To apply for property advertised by private landlords that accept DSS tenants, you will need to be able to demonstrate proof of your current income.

All of our properties have an affordability figure that your income must meet to be able to proceed with an application.

"It's very rare to deal with letting agents that are so extremely helpful and patient, especially in London. Thank you! :-)

Ash Bibi

2 Calculate your affordability

Understanding how much you can afford to pay in rent.

Affordability calculator

Your annual income (from step 1)
per year
You may be able to afford rent up to:
per month
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If your affordability is lower than the rent or you are unemployed, a guarantor may be required.

A guarantor is an employed person who signs a contract agreeing to pay rent or cover damage to a property if you are unable to.

"They provided a brilliant service, dynamic and simple. From the beginning you know everything you need, the credit check was simple and understandable. Thank you for all your help.

Danilo Valadão

3 Check your FREE credit score

Learn your credit score before applying for property to rent.

Most private landlords that accept DSS tenants will require tenant checks including a 6 year credit history, regardless of whether you are in receipt of benefits or not.

Get your Experian credit report and you will:

  • See a clearer picture of your financial history
  • Know where you stand before applying to rent
  • Have access to more properties

You can check your credit score as many times as you like without affecting it!

4 Search for a property to rent

If you are able to show proof of income, affordability and clear credit file, your application may be considered by private landlords that accept DSS tenants.